Thursday, April 3, 2014

My return to your lives

Dear readers,

I understand I have been absent for almost two years now, and I do apologize. I was reading through some comments and I saw that some of you really enjoyed my Blog. I started to realize just how much I personally enjoyed writing it, and I wanted to say that I will be returning to "Gdamatov77's Blog and Thoughts." Due to the lack of momentum from my two year break, I will be starting off slow, and then pushing forward a little at a time until I get back into it. I will also be looking at a lot of other blogs to get ideas flowing into my head again.

I do request though that if you have any ideas, or topics you want me to cover, please let me know in the comments section. I do know I asked of you all this before, and I know it wasn't returning many responses, but please, if the readers of this blog want me to talk about something, do not be afraid to ask of it. I want you all to enjoy my blog, not read random things I talk about then leave because you do not enjoy it. I heard movie reviews was one thing people requested, so I can start with that for a little bit. However, I will explore my blog postings over the next few days also to consider what ideas I had and to stimulate more ideas in my mind. I want to make this a really good Blog and get you readers into it. That is why I will try to post as best and as often as I possibly can.

Please do not hesitate to tell your friends about it as well, because the more people that know about it, the more chances I have of getting ideas to talk about.

So I leave you all with this question,
"Are you ready for a movie review to happen over the course of the next week?"

I will be getting back into it with movie reviews and already have my next review planned. Please stay tuned for more as in the next post, I will talk about my absolute favorite movie of all time.
No I will not tell you now, because that will be a surprise, and who doesn't love surprises? Besides me of course.

Gdamatov77, signing off.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Colorado Movie Massacre True Post

Last night I posted on my blog mentioning that I was going to cover this story today. This is not something to joke around with, so I am going to cover it now.

Before I get into it however, I want to mention that things like this happening is really starting to get to me. I have realized that the death penalty is not enough for people like this. The government should allow torture because it is only fitting that the people who do stuff like this should have to go through torment equal to their victims and what their families and friends are going through, plus more. It just makes sense that this guy be given more pain than he can imagine.

Now, to the post.

On July 20th, 2012 at a midnight screening of "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises," a 24 year old College Graduate student by the name of James Holmes opened fire on people in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. 12 moviegoers were killed with another 50 wounded, (amount wounded is still fluctuating and is not fully accurate, but believed to be 50, 58, or 59).

Here is a list of the 12 moviegoers who were murdered:

 Jonathan T. Blunk, 26
Alexander J. Boik, 18
Air Force Staff Sgt. Jesse E. Childress, 29
Gordon W. Cowden, 51
Jessica Ghawi, 24
Petty Officer 3rd Class John Thomas Larimer, 27
Matthew R. McQuinn, 27
Micayla C. Medek, 23
Veronica Moser-Sullivan, 6
Alex M. Sullivan, 27
Alexander C. Teves, 24
Rebecca Ann Wingo, 32

Each of these moviegoers has unique story for them, however, truth be told, the issue here is how some people can be so immoral and insane. To murder not one, not two, but 12 people in cold blood, and leave so many more wounded and hundreds more heartbroken is just immoral on its own level. The worst thing about it is that he might be declared insane and not even get death penalty. 

Something such as this is such a tragedy, and it really sucks when it just goes by like this. 

Evidence surfaced yesterday in fact about a notebook that was sent to a psychologist in the school University of Colorado. I was watching the news when they mentioned it and I was astonished. This notebook had detailed plans of what he was doing, that his house would be booby trapped, and that he was getting guns and going to shoot up the movie theater. 

The notebook arrived in the psychologist's office on the 12th of July, 8 days prior to the shooting. What astonishes me is that even though this entire catastrophe could have been avoided thanks to this notebook, it wasn't avoided because the notebook was just sitting in the mail room all this time and never reached the psychologist it was meant for. 

It was just sitting in the damm mail room. How can people be so blind as to turn their heads from a package that arrives? Would they be so proud of turning their head if it was by some chance a bomb? I swear, as immoral as some people are, others can be so idiotic. 

May those 12 brave people be remembered forever. 


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Colorado Movie Massacre Blog Post

It is a very sad day when a person you know dies. It is a sad day for someone when someone they know dies. It is an extremely sad day when someone that person knows gets murdered. It is unspeakable when such a tragedy like the Colorado Shooting Massacre, a.k.a. Colorado Movie Massacre happens.

It hurts me that I need to do a blog post such as this, because I would prefer these things not happen and I do not blog about this, but I feel it is only right. And because my thoughts go out to the families, friends, and loved ones of those who died and those who are critically wounded from the shooting that took place in Aurora, Colorado.

This will NOT be the blog post, this is just a post mentioning that tomorrow will be a much more in detail and sincere post is coming. Please stay tuned for tomorrows post.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Random rant about Internet website issues

I want to make this post simply regarding a simple hatred I have for what is going on with different websites. 


As you may have noticed, I mentioned the 3 top used websites on the web. Or at least I think they are. 

You may recall that a few years ago, about half a decade if I am not mistaken, Youtube was bought out by Google. This was only 1 step closer to Google's domination over the Internet. Yes, this is going to happen if Google continues at this rate. 

Well these past 2 or so days I have been having issues with Youtube and its "REPLY" button. Anytime I go to click "reply" to reply to a comment, I cannot do it. The reply screen does not come up anymore for me. And as it so happens, to my utter shock, it isn't just me. Though I do not know why I am shocked, as this is GOOGLE we are talking about. 

Do you remember the Yellow Subscribe button? I know I do. Those were the good old days of Youtube. Where bugs on the site were not common, and when they were, they would get fixed in the matter of a week. Where advertisements were not even on our mind. Where we had a completely different channel layout, and video layout. Where there was a home page to choose from Entertainment, News, Music, Gaming, and anything else you wanted. Do you remember it? I sure as hell miss it. This control Google is getting is anything BUT in control. Which brings me to my next topic. GOOGLE.

GOOGLE has been with the Internet for longer than I can remember. I am pretty sure though that anyone back in Sept. 4, 1998 no one could have possibly imagined what GOOGLE would become. Look at it now though. It owns YOUTUBE. Who knows what else it owns. However, either way, Google has been screwing up many things about 1 of my favorite websites. Youtube. The design on Google+ is still something I am getting used to, but either way, it is too much for me. I am glad I got out of Facebook, that website is a completely different story. I was hesitant to even get into it in the first place until I was told a friend of mine from Elementary School was on it and I hadn't spoken to her in so long. 

What do you guys think? Is the new Youtube good? Not good? Better or worse than old Youtube? And opinions on Facebook and Google as well. 

Gdamatov77, signing off.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Something about movies

I want to take the time from my normal blog to post something I realized about movies.

Have you ever wanted to know why majority of movies ended in a "happy ending"? Why almost every single time, the boy gets the girl or vice versa, the bad guy ends up in jail, the hero of the movie gets rewarded, the boy who went through a horrible childhood managed to come out on top in the end, or even when someone you have come to love in the movie dies, some magic wish brings him/her back to life?

There is a simple answer. Yes everyone, the reason that movies are still showing the happy ending is because unfortunately, that is what people want to see. Do you think it is a coincidence a movie is determined to do well before it even gets released? That there are critics for movies?

It is all to keep the movies in a constant flow of good and bad. You cannot have a good movie without at least having 3 bad ones. Do you think opinion has ever TRULY mattered in the world of media?

Critics give their reviews because they are paid to. Do you think a critic will waste his/her time on a movie if he truly did not want to see it based on the trailer? They get paid to see movies. What happens when a critic says something bad about a movie? It goes on Rotten Tomatoes. What happens when a critic says something good about a movie? It goes on Rotten Tomatoes.

Have you ever realized that majority of the movies that end in something good, end up being rated well also? Every once in a while a movie with something terrible happening in the end, will end up being good. I will not deny that. However, it seems that the majority of the viewers would prefer to have a movie end in a happy ending than not. It gives them hope for a better life. Makes them think that even if they are struggling in their life, they can still get through it. Why? All because 2 Hours of their time and $10 of their money helped them realize what a friend could have told them for 5 minutes of their time and $0 of their money.

So what do we have movies for if we have friends who can save us that money and time? Well, movies are there for us to escape the reality of our lives and live in someone else's. Ever get scared from a horror film, ask the person to not open the closet when in the deep recesses of your mind you knew they couldnt hear you? Ever get so happy when the girl got the guy in the end, or upset when the guy or girl ended up being a celebrity crush of yours? That when the favorite character in the film, the best friend, ended up dying? Happy when the "teddy bear" came back to life from a wish? Referencing the new movie Ted from that one. Or even in a comedy how you just couldn't help but to imagine you might have said that joke before?

Movies are what I like to think of as an escape from reality. There is no harm in them, or at least that is not the message I am trying to get across. I am simply trying to say that movies are required in our world. If you had no movies in your life anymore, and you had to go through life without ever seeing a movie again or knowing anymore movies existed, would you be happy?

The real question is, can you actually imagine that happening? Most likely your answer is no. Movies are one with humanity, and will most likely stay with us until our extinction. So the next time you watch a happy movie, just think to yourself, I wonder how this movie would be if the girl did not get the guy in the end. Or if you are watching a horror film, try to hold back from telling the girl to not walk down to the basement when the lights all went off in the house and she heard a weird noise down there. I am pretty sure if it happened to you, you would not be so dumb as to go to the spot where the noise is coming from. Would you?

Gdamatov77, signing off.

Most likely a post about Music in our life will be next.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My apologies to everyone for my disappearance

I promise I will try my best to get back into this blog. I am making this post as a formal apology. I realized I cannot do once a week, but I will try my best to do so either way.

As you may have noticed with this blog, it is always something random. Well I have been thinking lately, and I realized, as soon as I get the hang of being on schedule with my blog I will be starting a second one.

It will be called the "Venos Movement"

The "Venos Movement" will be something I am starting to promote music around the world. I will be reviewing anything from Artist styles to songs and messages they send. From what music can accomplish to personal opinions. Please keep an eye out for when I post a link to it.

Thank you to all my followers for supporting me. I owe you so much more.

Gdamatov77, signing off.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Zazzle and return of the blog

Dear readers,

I just found out about this great new website called It is pretty much an online shop for different shirts, mugs, posters, and all that other type of merchandise. Well I wanted to use this post for two reasons. I wanted to inform  everyone that I will try my best to get back to posting. Also, I wanted to let everyone know what a great website this is as well.

Topic #1: I understand I have not been involved with this blog for many months now, and I do apologize for that, however, I promise to try my best to get back into posting about once a week now. I do request that after each blog post, you comment saying anything you want me to post about in a future post. I also love it when you all post comments stating how you feel about the blog post and any suggestions you end up having.
It makes me feel very happy and know that you all care.

Topic #2: I used Zazzle a while back to purchase a shirt that I might never have found anywhere else not online because Zazzle sells custom shirts. It is truly a great website if you are looking for a specific type of product and design to purchase because most likely, Zazzle has someone selling it.
That is the other thing I wanted to mention. Zazzle allows you to sell your own designs on the website as products, and you can make money off of it. For instance, if you have designed some sort of picture that you think is cool, your best bet is to post it up on Zazzle, though it takes about a few hours or so to get it just right, and when someone purchases that product, you make royalty on it. I personally created a design the other day and posted it to Zazzle with the hopes that it might sell.

Either way, let me know what you all think about Zazzle if you check it out. I will be back next Sunday with yet another post.

Chances are I might post either late Sunday or late Saturday because I am not sure how my schedule is each week. However, this time I will attempt to stay focused on keeping this blog updated.


P.S. - Starting next week, I will be posting a quote of the week at the bottom of the post, along with a personal phrase I have. The personal phrase will always be there, and be the same, but the quote will be different each week. I would love for you to tell me as well how you like this idea.